Green  Flash Restaurant 15183 Captiva Dr. Captiva, Fl.

Green Flash Restauran     

   The Green Flash Restaurant is located at 15183 Captiva Drive, Captive Island Florida.  The property on which it is located formerly was the site of Timothy’s Nook. This was a historic watering hole.  It was frequented by natives and tourists.  The Nook operated for 40 years.  The property was purchased from the Wiles Family in 1994.

Green Flash Restaurant

     The Green Flash Restaurant is situated on the waters of Roosevelt Channel.  The restaurant overlooks the waters of the intracoastal waterway, the tranquil waters of Pine Island Sound and Buck Key.  It features dockside dining, inside dining or patio dining.

Green Flash Restaurant

Green Flash Restaurant

Outdoor Seating

Same as above

Indoor Seating

Boating Dock Note Pelicans

Boating Dock Note Pelicans

     The author visited the Green Flash Restaurant in the past and met NBC weatherman Williams Scott.

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