Marshal Fields, Evanston

Former Marshal Field Store, Evanston

     In 1929, the Marshal Field Department Store opened another a new store in Evanston at the corner of Sherman Avenue and Church Street.

Former Marshal Field Store, Evanston

     It was a five story building with 125,000 square feet of space.  It featured a marble and limestone facade.  The interior featured chandeliers, wood trim and casing around the windows.  There was wood panelling.  There were marble panels around the elevators.  There were were art deco ceilings.

Iconic Marshal Field Clock

     The Field Company made the decision to close the Evanston store in in 1987.  The property was purchased by Centrum Properties.  This was a developer that specialized in building rennovations.  They enlisted the services of Booth Hansen and associates ( Chicago architectural firm).  This firm developed a renovation plan for the project.

Iconic Marshal Field Clock

     The new design resulted in 52 apartments and 40,000 square feet of retail space.  A new roof was installed.  New windows were put in place.  Total cost was $10,000,000.   Building was renamed the Galleria.

Amazing Story about the Uptown Theater in Chicago

Uptown Theater

The Plitt Theater chain closed the Uptown Theater in 1979. The building was purchased by Louis Wolfe and Kenneth Goldberg. These individuals had a reputation of purchasing historic buildings and allowing them to deteriorate. They then would demolish the building and sell the empty lot. Several ideas were proposed for the Uptown (go cart track of mausoleum). Fortunately none of these materialized.

However, as the building sat empty and unused, it was subject to vandalism and theft of artifacts. The friends of Uptown Theater were concerned with these events. They approached Joseph Sanfillipo, a known collector of historic artifacts from Barrington Hills. Their proposal was that he preserve and store the fixtures and artifacts from the Uptown. They then approached the owners of the Uptown and were able to convince them to donate the artifacts of the theater.

These have resided at the Sanfillippo estate until the current time. Now with the restoration of the Uptown, these artifacts are being returned to the theater building.

Surfside Restaurant Cape Coral

Former Site of SurfsideRestaurant

     The Surfside Restaurant was located at the corner of DelPrado Boulevard and Cape Coral Parkway in Cape Coral.  It opened in 1959 or 1960.  It served as a combination of restaurant, community hall, general store and post office.

     It experienced a fire in the early 1960’s.  The restaurant was saved and was reopened.

Surfside Restaurant Building is now a cleaner

Same as above

The Former Site of Surfside Restaurant

Aztec Theater, Shawnee Kansas

This theater was designed by the Boller Brothers of Kansas City. It was built by Marion Sumerrour, third mayor of Shawnee. It opened as the Mission Theater on Labor Day, 1927.  It had 500 seats.

In 1942, the theater was managed by Dickinson Theaters. The named was changed to the Aztec.  It operated under this management until the 1970’s.

     It was purchased by the  Pflumm family.  The name was changed to the Fine Arts Theater.  It was closed for remodeling in 1975.  It never reopened.    For a period, it was used as bank storage.

     In 2005, it was being remodeled by the Fine Arts Group to replace their theater in Mission, Kansas.  The current Marquee was was obtained from the closed Plaza Theater in in Abilene, Kansas.  The theater currently is currently not opened.

     In 2019, it was announced that that the theater would open as the Aztec.