Sarasota ACL Railroad Depot

ACL Railroad Sarasota, Florida Depot

Site of Previous ACL Railroad Depot Sarasota, Florida

     The Tampa Southern Railroad (Subsidiary of the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad) first entered Sarasota , Florida in May, 1924. The first passenger trained arrived in December, 1924. The first depot was a combination of freight and temporary passenger building.  It was located north of Fruitville Rd.

     The first permanent depot was built in 1925.  It was located at 1 South School Avenue, Sarasota, Florida. The architect was M. Alpheus  Griffin.  The building style was mission. Features included white stucco, red pantiled roof, and a large shell shaped elliptical planter.  There were separate passenger waiting rooms for white and black customers.

     The building was listed on the National Register of Historic Places on March 22 1984.  It was delisted on July 25, 2018.  The building was demolished on January, 1986.

Marker Historic Sarasota Railroad Station

Historic Marker Sarasota Railroad Station

Hoan Bridge

Hoan Bridge

     The Daniel Hoan Bridge (formerly Harbor Bridge) is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It connects I 794 in downtown to the Lake Freeway.  It crosses the Milwaukee River and a sewage treatment plant.   It was designed by Howard,Needles, Tammen and Bergendoff. Construction began in 1970 and was finally completed in 1977.

     The total bridge length is 3057 m.

       Width is 15.8 m

       Longest span is 185m

       Height is 120 feet

       Bridge Type is tied arch.

      The bridge was closed in December, 2000.. Two of the three support beams of  lake front span failed.   This was subsequently repaired.

     The bridge under went a total rehab which was completed as of 2016.

Milwaukee Pierhead Lighthouse, Milwaukee Harbor

Milwaukee Pierhead Lighthouse Milwaukee Harbor

   The Milwaukee Pierhead Lighthouse is  still active.  It is located south of downtown Milwaukee. It is west of the Milwaukee Breakwater Light. It is near the outflow of the Milwaukee River.

   The Pierhead Lighthouse was built in 1872.  Its foundation is is concrete pier.  It is a round steel tower 41 feet in height.. It has a round gallery and a 10 sided lantern.  For years, the lighthouse was manned by  a keeper.  It is now automated.

     The tower was repainted in 2007.

    It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places on November, 2012.

Winter Haven, Florida Railroad Station

Winter Haven Railroad Station

Winter Haven Florida Railroad Station 1947 photo

Winter Haven Florida Railroad Station

    The Winter Haven Railroad Station is located at 1800 7th Street S.W.  It was built in 1925  by.the Seaboard Airline Railroad.   The building style is Mediterranean Revival.

     It originally included a freight depot on the south side of the station.  The was demolished in 1982.  The station was rebuilt in 1947.  It was remodeled in 2007. Cost was $42,000.