Wes Nott Memorial Fort Myers, Florida

Wes Nott Memorial Statue

     The Wes Nott Memorial is located at the North East Corner of the Fort Myers Campus of Lee Memorial Hospital. Its address is 2610 South Cleveland Avenue. It is a broad concrete court  yard dominated by a wide circular fountain punctuated at the far right end by a v shaped balustrade against which leans a life sized statue of swim coach Wes Nott.  The site is the approximate location of the former Wes Nott pool.

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     Wes Nott was the legendary swim.coach.of Fort Myers High School.  During his career, he touched the lives of approximately 8, 000 students.


     The life sized statue of Wes Nott is cold cast aluminum.  It was commissioned by Fort Myers Beautification Advisory Board. It was cast in North Fort Myers by sculpture D. J. Wilkens. The railing that the statue is leaning on is similar to the one on the original swimming pool.

The memorial was dedicated on July 14, 2020.  Thanks was offered to the Lee Memorial Auxiliary for contributions to the beautificarion of Wes Nott Park.

    Over the years, the sculpture, pool, and fountain has fallen into disrepair.  Under the supervision of Chris-Tel Construction, renovation began in 2018.  Renovation of the sculpture was handled by Rosa Low inter and Associates.

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