West Orange Trail, Orange County Florida

Map of West Orange Trail

     The West Orange Trail is a 22 mile multi-use trail which is owned by Orange County, Florida Parks and Recreation Department.  It was completed in 1999. It is a paved trail which passes through downtown Oakland, Winter Garden and Apopka.  Most of the length of the trail is along abandoned railroad of right of way.

Sign West Orange Trail, Kill Killarney Station

     Along the course of the West Orange Trail, there are 4 stations.  Each of these has available parking, restrooms, bike racks and drinking fountains.  The stations are: Killarney Station near Oakland, Fl; Winter Garden Station located at 455 E. Plant Street; Chapin Street Station at 501 Crown Point Street, Winter Garden; Apopka Station 111 Forest Avenue.

West Orange Trail, Killarney Station

     The trail starts at Killarney Station (mile 0);  runs east past Oakland and then through downtown Winter Garden; it then turns north towards Apopka.

West Orange Trail, Bridge  Over Florida Turnpike  (Rehabilitated Railroad Bridge)

Winter Garden Station

West Orange Trail Apopka Station

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