President Hall of Hame.

Sign President Hall of Fame

Welcome Sign

    This facility dates back to the 1960’s.  It is located at 123 N.Highway 127 in Clermont, Florida. It opened originally as a wax museum.  The name was changed in the 1990’s to President Hall of Fame to reflect is growing exhibits.  

President Hall of Fame

     Outside, there is a replica of Mount Rushmore, the Lincoln Memorial, and one of the presidential limousine.

Replica of Lincoln Memorial

     Inside, there are wax figures of the current president and first lady. There is an animatronic figure of  Abraham Lincoln. Many original artifacts are on display such as White House China,champagne glasses.  There is a model of the Resolute Desk.  There is a re-creation of the Lincoln Bedroom.

Replica of Mount Rushmore a Portion of the presidential limousine is seen

     Throughout  there are multiple miniatures on display.  They were created by owners John and Jan Zweifel.  Best known miniature is a model of the White House.  This is seen in the facility and travels throughout the United States.

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