The Creamery Beaver, Utah

The Creamery, Beaver Utah

     The Creamery is located at 165 S. 500 W. Beaver, Utah. It is seen along Interstate 15.   To reach the Creamery, one has to go through the town of Beaver, Utah.

     Dairy Farmers of America opened this new concept store in 2018.  All dairy products are made from milk sourced from dairy farms within 25 miles.  Customers are able to purchase everything from cheese to ice cream and other Utah made foods.

     Prior to the opening of the Creamery, regional farmers have been making cheese for 67 years in a plant just behind the Creamery.  The new building is 11250 square feet which is 4 times the size of the old plant.

     There is a kitchen cafe that serves breakfast and dinner. Before the Creamery opened, the plant produced 4000 to 5000 pounds of cheese curd per week.  The plant currently employs 40 people.

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