Auckland Harbor Bridge, Auckland New Zealand

     Auckland Harbor Bridge is an 8 lane traffic bridge over Waitemata Harbour in Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland Harbor Bridge

     This bridge joins Saint Mary’s Bay on the Auckland City Side with Northcote on the North Shore Side. It is part of state Highway 1 and the Auckland Northern Motorway.
     The original 4 lanes opened in 1959.  They are of box truss construction.  The designer was Freeman and Fox Partners. It was built by Dorman Long and Cleveland Bridge and Engineering Company.
    In 1968–1969, two additional lanes were added to each side of the bridge.  Their structure is orthotopic box and they are cantilevered off the original piers.

Auckland Harbor Bridge

     The bridge is 1020 meters in length.  There are seven spans.  The largest span is 243.8 meters. The bridge 43.27 meters above high water.

     The bridge has been criticized for being to similar to the Sydney Harbor Bridge.

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