Hell’s Kitchen Restaurant LasVegas

Hell’s Kitchen Restaurant LasVegas

Gordon Ramsey’s First Hell’s Kitchen Restaurant is located at 3570 LasVegas Boulevard in LasVegas in Caesar Palace. The space occupied by the Ramsey establishment was previously occupied by Serendipity. Hell’s Kitchen opened in 2018.

The restaurant serves lunch and dinner. There are floor to ceiling windows. There is red and blue design in the kitchen. There is seating for 300. There is a private dining room. There are two chefs tables. There is a contemporary bar.

The restaurant is not featured in Ramsey’s reality program.

Hell’s Kitchen is Ramsey’s 5th LasVegas Restaurant.

Inside Hell’s Kitchen

Interesting, there is a Hell’s Kitchen Restaurant in Minneapolis. This is not associated with either Ramsey’s reality show or his LasVegasRestaurant.

Same as above

The second Hell’s Kitchen Restaurant opened in November 2018. It is located at the Caesars Palace Blue Waters Dubai.

The third Hell’s Kitchen Restaurant is scheduled to open in 2022. It is located in the Harrahs Resort Southern California.

Same as above

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