Gino’s East Pizzeria Chicago, Il

Gino’s East Pizzeria  162 East Superior Street Chicago

     Gino’s East is a chain of pizzerias located predominantly in the metropolitan Chicago area.  The first restaurant was founded by George Bartoli, Sam Levine and George Loverde.  They were all cab drivers.  Their specialty was deep dish pizza. This restaurant was located on 162 E. Superior Street.  It was at this location that the customers were allowed into write on the walls.

      This first restaurant closed in 2000.  They relocated to 600 N. Wells and it was located here until 2006.  At that time they relocated to a new building at their original location 162 E. Superior Street.   It transferred to 633 N. Wells and then back to Superior Street.

     Over the years the Gino’s East organization set up many franchises in the metropolitan Chicago area and even in out of state locations.

Gino’s East Pizzeria

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