Lawson House

Lawson House 30 West Chicago Ave. Chicago, Il

     The historic Victor F. Lawson House is a  former YMCA building which is located at 30 West Chicago Avenue, Chicago, Il.  It was built in 1931. It is a 24 story Art Deco Building. It was named after Victor Lawson, a newspaper man and a generous donor to the YMCA.  The architects were Perkins, Chatten and Hammond.

Victor F. Lawson House

     Starting in the Depression, the YMCA used the building to provide affordable housing, community services and family programs.  The YMCA moved its headquarters to the near west side in 2013.

     In 2014, the building was sold to Hasten Real Estate Development Company for one dollar.  This was with the proviso that the building was to be used for affordable housing for the next 50 years.  Since the sale,an extensive renovation has been undertaken.

     The Lawson House Building was listed in the National Register of Historic Places in 5/8/2017

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