Marker at the former site of the Hotel Punta Gorda

Marker at the former site of the Hotel Punta Gorda

This marker is located in an empty lot at the corner of.W. Marion Street and Taylor Street in Punta Gorda, Florida.

The Hotel Punta Gorda opened in January, 1888. It was a three story building with 150 guest rooms. They all had views of Charlotte Harbor. The building style was Queen Anne. There was clapboard siding, multipaned windows, round conical roofed towers, and a hipped roof.

The hotel featured modern conveniences such as gas lighting, electric bells, steam heat and open fireplaces.

Roses was draped over the railings of the veranda. Grounds were landscaped with camphor trees and palms.

The hotel went into a period of decline and closed in 1914. The building was bougnt in 1924 by Barron Collier. He changed the name to the Hotel Charlotte Harbor. He did an extensive remodel. The exterior was stuccoed. A fourth floor ballroom was added. Arches.were added to the porch. He added tennis courts, swimming pool and a boat basin.

Collier died in 1939. His heirs sold the Hotel to G. Floyd Alford in 1944. He in turn let Martin Fleischman take over the mortgage in 1956. Fleischman renamed the building Charlotte Harbor Spa. The Hotel was destroyed by a fire in August 1959

Newspaper Story about the Hotel Fire

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