Punta Gorda Bank

Punta Gorda Bank, Punta Gorda, Florida

     The historical marker for the Punta Gorda Bank is located at the Tamiami Trail just north of West Marion  Avenue, Porta Gorda, Florida.

     In June 1894, the Punta Gorda Bank was a branch the State Bank Fort Meade.  In July, 1899, it was chartered by the state of Florida as a separate bank.  Its initial capital was $15,000.  The President of the Bank was Percy Wandsworth marrow.  He was a former resident of Montana who owned his fortune in gold mining.  The bank building was a one story building with brick facade.  Businesses near the bank included Earnest Dry Goods, Punta Gorda Trading Company,Wades Drug Store,and a community social hall McAdow Hall.

     By December 1912, bank’s assets totaled $147,200.  In April 1912, a competing bank Merchant Bank opened  in Punta Gorda.

     The Punta Gorda Bank had a troubled history.    In April 23 ,1917 the bank was reorganized as  State Bank of Punta Gorda.  The new bank assumed the assets and liabilities of the old Punta Gorda Bank.  The new bank moved to a new building.

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