Charlotte County Courthouse

Charlotte County Courthouse

Courthouse Information Sign

Same as above

Same as above

     The Charlotte County Courthouse is located at 118 West Olympia Avenue Punta Gorda, Florida.

     Charlotte County was established in 1921 after local.citizenry pushed for 34 years to divide Desoto County.  Punta Gorda was to be the new county seat. The Board of county commissioners originally meet in rented quarters. In 1927, the board plan a new building.  They purchased 2 downtown lots for $25,000 from.George Brown.

     The new courthouse was of a neoclassical design with Greek and Roman influences. Large pediments and columns were located in the front of the building.  Architects were Leightner and Henson from Saint Petersburg, Florida.

     The original plans were modified to provide a second floor jail and living quarters for the jailer and his family. Total construction costs were $200,000.  Building was dedicated in March, 1928.  The building was expanded in the 1960’s and the 1980’s to accommodate the changing needs of the residents.

     The courthouse the center of civic and community life for 71 years until the new justice center opened in 1999.

     Modern additions were removed and the buildings and the later the original courthouse building closed.

     The county board voted in 2005 to revitalize the building, restore the facade to its 1928 appearance and rehabilitate the interior preserving this building for public use.


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