Amazing Story about the Uptown Theater in Chicago

Uptown Theater

The Plitt Theater chain closed the Uptown Theater in 1979. The building was purchased by Louis Wolfe and Kenneth Goldberg. These individuals had a reputation of purchasing historic buildings and allowing them to deteriorate. They then would demolish the building and sell the empty lot. Several ideas were proposed for the Uptown (go cart track of mausoleum). Fortunately none of these materialized.

However, as the building sat empty and unused, it was subject to vandalism and theft of artifacts. The friends of Uptown Theater were concerned with these events. They approached Joseph Sanfillipo, a known collector of historic artifacts from Barrington Hills. Their proposal was that he preserve and store the fixtures and artifacts from the Uptown. They then approached the owners of the Uptown and were able to convince them to donate the artifacts of the theater.

These have resided at the Sanfillippo estate until the current time. Now with the restoration of the Uptown, these artifacts are being returned to the theater building.

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