Heitman Evans Building, Fort Myers

The Heitman Evans Building is located at 2235 First Street, Fort Myers. In the early 1900’s, Harvie Heitman convinced Edward Evans (a former mayor of Fort Myers) to join him in creation of the Heitman Evans Company. This was to be a hardware and sporting goods store. Evans was to be the manager; Heitman the silent partner. Heitman demolished the Blount General store at this site. He constructed a new building. It was two stories. It was a brick structure measuring 60 × 150 feet. The building was orange in color. It had 12 inch thick walls. It featured an Otis elevator. The ground level was a hardware store. The second level was for the display of farm implements. Construction costs were $20,000.

His goal was to build the most modern hardware store in America. Mr. Evans managed the story for 20 years. Gilmer Heitman served as president. The business closed in the 1940’s.

The building is now a rental facility for lawyers and other professionals.

Heitman-Evans Building

Heitman-Evans Building

Heitman–Evans Building

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