Earnhardt Building, Fort Myers



Earnhardt Building

Earnhardt Building

Earnhardt Building

In April, 1914 Harvie Heitman contracted with a crew to tear down a livery stable and old frame buildings on the south side of First Street between the First National Bank Building and the Langford Block. This was for his new enterprise to be called the Earnhardt Building.

His plans for the project were promptly approved for a two story 193 foot long brick building with 33,000 square feet of space.

The Earnhardt Building was a distinctive structure with an external wall of cream pressed brick with white tile and terracotta trim. There were decorative cornices. There were 35 offices on the second floor. There was space for 8 stores on the ground floor.

The building was completed in February, 1915. It was alleged at the time that it had the only public restroom in Fort Myers with hot and cold water.

The first tenant renting in the building was McCrory Five and Dime Store. It was at this location for 75 years. Another renter was the law office of Shepard and Woolshair. They rented from 1945 to 1968.

The building was extensively remodeled by Dominick Goertz in the early 2000’s. There were then 15 loft apartments, office rental space and street level restaurants.

At the present time, there are multiple condo apartments.

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