Bradford Hotel, Fort Myers

Former Bradford Hotel


Bradford Hotel


Former Bradford Hotel

Former Bradford Hotel

Former Bradford Hotel

This building at 2247 First Street, Fort Myers was the former Bradford Hotel. It opened in 1905. The building was designed by Harvie Heitman. Tootie McGregor provided the financing. The Hotel was named after her son. Contractor was Manuel Gonzales

The Bradford was managed by Charles Day.

The Bradford originally had 41 rooms. 5 years after the opening, an annex was added.

There was steam heat, electric lights, private baths, and carpeted halls. There was a large dining room on the second floor.

The building was constructed of 100,000 Chattanooga pressed bricks. There was a rounded corners entrance. There were arched windows and doors frames. There was a veranda around the building fronts on the second floor. The interior was lathe and plaster with native woodwork.

There were 4 store spaces on the first floor. They measured 25 × 65 feet. They had plate glass fronts.

In October, 1924, J.R. Randell became the new proprietor of the Bradford with a long lease. In 1979, it was sold to Bill Smith, Inc. by one of the Heitman daughters

Roy Bently and Russ Staley made improvements in the building from 1983 to 1985. The building is now known as the Bradford Apartment.

The first Floor has been occupied by the Florida Gulf Bank and later the Iberia Bank.

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