Morgan Hotel

Former Morgan Hotel

     The Morgan Hotel was located at 1415 Dean Street, Fort Myers.  John Morgan Dean, a Rhode Island developer, converted the former wooden Sanchez Boarding House into the Morgan Hotel by wrapping it in concrete blocks. It opened in 1924.

Former Morgan Hotel

     Morgan was given permission by the city to build Dean Street facing the hotel on one side.  The building had 62 rooms and 62 baths.  There were telephone booths in the lobby. There was a dining room on the roof and a solarium.  The main entrance was on First Street.   There was a railed railed front porch. 

     Hotel faced hard times in the 1930’s.    Name was changed to the Hotel Dean in 1970.   It closed in the 1970’s.  

     The building now features rental apartments.  Ford’s Garage Restaurant occupies the first floor.

Former Morgan Hotel


Former Morgan Hotel


Former Morgan Hotel

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