Northside Drive In

Sign Northside Drive In

Same as above

Movie Screen Northside Drive In

Movie Screen Northside Drive In

Screen Northside Drive In

Same as above

Parking Area

Refreshment Stand and Projection Booth

Same as above

Same as above

Refreshment Stand and Drive In

    The Northside Drive In is located at 2521 N. Tamiami Trail in North Fort Myers.  It opened  on February 4, 1949 with the name Fort Myers Drive In.  It was operated by S.J. Geiger and Exhibitors Services Company (Jacksonville,FL).  It featured a parking ramp for 500 cars.  There were in car speakers for all of the cars.

     In 1954, the screen was enlarged to allow allow for projection of Cinemascope Movies.

     In 1969, Floyd theaters acquired the Fort Myers Drive In, the Edison Theater, and land for the future Southside Drive In.

     In August 12, 1970, the Fort Myers Drive In was reopened as the Northside Drive In.

     In 1979, a second screen was added to the drive in.

     In January 1996, the drive in was purchased by by Carmike Cinemas.  It was subsequently sold to an independent operator.  The drive in was operational until 2004 at which time it closed.

     The site is currently operated as a flea market.    The property is currently.for sale.

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