Twistee Treat North Fort Myers

Twistee Treat, North Fort Myers

This facility is located at 10 Pine Island Rd. North Fort Myers.

Twistee Treat was a corporate owned chain of ice cream stores founded in 1983. It originated in the North Fort Myers area. It had 23 locations. It was notable for its building in the shape of a soft serve ice cream cone. The chain went bankrupt in the 1990’s.

A new Twistee Treat Company was formed in the Orlando area in 1996. The new company had 35 locations in Florida and Missouri.

In 2010, a new company called Twistee Treat USA was formed. It acquired the patents and the rights of the predecessors. It purchased buildings owned by previous franchisees. Several privately owned locations of the prior companies were allowed to maintain this status. They were given the right to use the Twistee Treat name and the building. design. All new locations are company owned.

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