Bishop Building Rogers Park, Illinois

Bishop Building Rogers Park

Bishop Building

Bishop Building

Bishop Building Rogers

Bishop Building Rogers Park

     The Bishop Building is located in Rogers Park.  Its address is 1511 Howard.  It is  at the intersection of Rogers and Howard.  It is a 2 story flat iron building  with a stone facade.  There is retail space on the first floor.  It appears to have apartments on the second floor.

     The property where the building was located was purchased by Harry Bishop in 1911.    He was a Chicago pioneer.  He lived on Sheridan Road.  The building was constructed in 1924.  It was called the Bishop Building Mall.

     Over the years, the building has been used for various purposes.

     In the 1920’s, it was the home of a night club called Club Detour. Many famous artists played there including Louis Armstrong, Count Basey, and Ella Fitzgerald.  

     In 1969, Charlotte Drobny-Simmons and William Carrey Simmons purchased the building from the Bishop family.    They opened a store called the Sandpiper.  It was a combination health food store and an import gift shop.  Apparently, all of the Simmons children worked in the store at one time or another.

     Fast forward to 1985, Charlotte Walters established Lost Eras in the building.  It is an establishment for finding obscure, unusual and overlooked items.   Examples include clocks, appliances, jewelry, masks,costumes and Theater props. Currently Charlotte and her son Casey manage the business.  It is still in operation.

     It is alleged that the building is haunted by Harry Bishop

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