Weed Street Bridge

Drawing of the first Weed Street Bridge (from Wikipedia)

Posted 1/6/2017

There is no current bridge at this site. Weed Street (1050 West: 1550 North) crosses east to west over the North Branch Canal 3.2 miles from the river mouth. There have been two bridges at this site.

The first bridge at this site opened on June 24, 1891. The bridge was the first lost Harman folding lift bridge. It was made of iron and steel and was hand operated It was 150 feet long.

This was a bascule type bridge. It has two leaves. Both leaves had two independent areas of rotation. It was also known as a Jack knife bridge. It was plagued with problems because of its multiple moving parts.


Designer: Captain William Hartman

Construction: Shailer and Schniglau

Cost: $8,296

The bridge was closed in 1899. It remained out of service. It was removed in 1905.

The second bridge opened in 1905. It was a reused temporary wood hand operated pontoon swing bridge. It was formerly used at North Western Avenue. The approaches at Wood Street were rebuilt.


Designer: Division of Bridges and Viaducts City of Chicago.

Construction Contractor: Jackson and Corbett.

Costs are unknown.

Removed April, 1910. There has been no bridge since.

Area of Weed Street Bridge

Area of Weed Street Bridge

Photos added on 4/11/2018

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