Pennsylvania Railroad Bridge

Pennsylvania R.R Bridge  458

    Published 12/8/2017

       Pennsylvania R.R. Bridge 458 crosses the South Branch of the Chicago River near Canal and Lumber Streets.  It crosses from North to south.  It was built in 1915 as a replacement for a swing bridge.

     It is a metal 10 panel rivet-connected Parker through Truss movable vertical lift bridge.   The main span measures 272.8 feet.  Total structure length is 387.8 feet.  Width measures 19.5 feet.  There are two tracks.  There is one main span and two approach spans.  At each end of the bridge are vertical towers 195 feet in height.  The movable span can be moved to provide 130 feet of clearance under the bridge.  This is the only remaining vertical lift bridge on the Chicago River.Bridge Contractors:  Builder/Contractor  Pennsylvania Steel Company of Shelton,PA.

Engineer Design Wadell  and Harrington.

Pennsylvania R.R. Bridge 458.  Original Bridge Tender House is at the top of the center span

     This bridge was originally owned by the Pennsylvania R.R.  It is currently owned by Amtrak.  It is also used by Metra and Norfolk Southern  R.R.

Two Towers of Pennsylvania RR. Bridge 458

     There is a small house at top of the center span.  This functioned as the bridge tender house.  It also protects the operating equipment.   At the present time, the bridge is operated remotely from a R.R. switching tower at 14th and Lumber Streets.

    The bridge was designated as a national landmark on 12/12/2017.

Same as above

Pennsylvania RR. Bridge 458 in lowered position

Pennsylvania RR Bridge

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