Union Station Power House

Union Station Power House

     Arising from the banks of the south branch of the Chicago River is an imposing structure 69.55 feet tall.  This is the Union Station Power House.  It is located on 301 W. Taylor Street.

Union Station Power House

     This structure was built in 1932.  The architects were Graham, Anderson, Probst and White.  The style of the building is art deco. It was constructed to provide power to Union Station and the post office.  Apparently both of these buildings were owned by the Chicago Union Station Company.  At the time of construction, this was described as a smokeless coal burning plant.

Union Station Power House

      In the 1980’s, officials at the plant were notified by the city that its four boilers had to be replaced.   This was done and the plant was active until 2011.   There is now an effort to save the plant and have it listed in the National Register  of Historic Places.

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