River City

River City Complex

River City Complex

River City Complex

River City is a condo complex on the south Chicago River near Roosevelt Rd.  The architect was Bertrand Goldberg.   It originally was meant to be an extensive development.  But the plan never materialized.   The current building was built in 1983-1986.    There are 448 units.  Building is casted concrete.    There was extensive flooding of the project in 2010.  It is currently being offered for sale.    In August 2018, the River City Condo Owners Association approved a 90 million dollar sale of the South loop building to Marc Realty Capital.  The complex has 449 units.

     The years long battle to convert River City from condos to rental units has encountered another obstacle. A group of current owners has filed a suit on October 3, 2018.  They allege that members of the condo board helped the buyer make lucrative side deals with some owners in exchange for their yes votes to sell River City.    The owners behind the suit also alleged that board stuffed the ballot box in the August 28 vote to approve the buyer’s offer.

Bernard Goldberg was a prolific architect.  Some of his projects include Marina City (Chicago), Prentice Women’s Hospital ( Chicago), Good Samaritan Hospital (Phoenix)

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