Reid Murdoch Building


Reid Murdoch Building Clock Tower

Reid Murdoch Building

Reid Murdoch Builfing

Reid Murdoch Building

Reid Murdoch Building

Reid Murdoch Building

     Along the north bank of the main branch of the Chicago River at  325 North LaSalle Street is an impressive multi-story structure known as the Reid Murdoch Building.  It was designed by George Nimmons.  It was built in 1914 for a whole sale grocer supplier known as Reid, Murdoch and Company.  This business was one the nation’s largest of this type.

     The building was used for corporate offices and warehouse storage. Some of the floors were dedicated to manufacturing and processing–cheeses, coffee, catsup, fish, bread and pickles. There was even a large humidor where cigars were manufactured.  The building has an ideal location with the Chicago River to the south and railroad access to the north.

     The building was a 7 story  brick structure.  There were terra cotta embellishments. The building skeleton was steel and concrete.  There is a central multi-story tower. At one time, this housed a water tower for the building sprinkler system.  Originally, the building was symmetric about the tower.  However, in 1926, one bay of windows on the west side was removed when LaSalle Street was widened.

     For a brief time, the building was used as a makeshift hospital during the Eastland disaster in July, 1915.

     Reid, Murdoch operated in the building until 1945.  The company was acquired by Sprague–Warner–Kenny Corporation.  This eventually became part of Consolidated Grocers.

     In the 1950’s, the city of Chicago acquired the building. It housed traffic courts, states attorney offices and other municipal departments.  The city occupied the building until 1998.

  The building was then acquired by Friedman Properties.  They conducted an extensive  rehab project.  The building is operated as rental property. 

     The building was designated as a Chicago Landmark.  It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Photos added 4/15/2018

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