Illinois Central Bridge LaSalle, IL


Illinois Central Bridge over the I and M Canal

     The Illinois Central Bridge in LaSalle is an impressive structure crossing the I an M Canal, old Rock Island tracks and the Illinois River.  It was a single track bridge built for the I.C. Line in 1855.  The builder was the American Bridge Company.  The original bridge consisted of a series of cast and wrought iron Howe deck trusses resting on ashlar sandstone piers.


Illinois Central Railroad Bridge

     In 1893, the superstructure was reconstructed with 16 steel spans Pratt Deck trusses measuring 150 feet in length. They have pin connections.  In 1920, 3 steel plate girder were placed  adjacent to the main span.  Each girder is 60 feet in length.


Illinois Central Railroad Bridge

     In 1932, 2 deck trusses were replaced with a single Parker through Truss span measuring 300 feet in length.    This is supported by concrete piers.  Builder was McClintic Marshall Corporation.


Illinois Central Railroad Bridge

     The total bridge length was 2,875 feet.  The bridge was used until the 1970’s by the Illinois Central Railroad.  At this time it was abandoned.

     The bridge and a short section of the South right of way was purchased by Buzz Unicem.  This was to service its concrete factory on the North side of the Illinois River.

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