Adams Street Bridge

Adams Street Bridge


    Revised and expanded 1/17/ 2018

    The Adams Street Bridge (380 West; 300 South) crosses east to west  the south branch of the Chicago River 2.1 miles west of the river mouth.   It is also known as the U.S.66 bridge.  It opened on August 26, 1927.   Th i was t The fourth bridge at this site.  It is metal rivet-connected Pratt Deck Truss, movable; double leaf bascule (fixed trunnion) and approach spans; metal stringer (multi-beam), fixed.   Because of the proximity of Union Station, modifications were needed. The West leaf of the bridge was shortened.  The counterweight was compact cast iron.  The counter weight pit was small. There is one main span and three approach spans. Main span length is 199 feet.  Structure length is 250 feet.  Roadway width is 38 feet.  In 1955, the bridge was converted to a one way bridge West bound.

     Superstructure Contractor was Strobel Steel Construction Company of Chicago.

     Substructure Contractor was Fitzsimmons and Connell Dredge and Dock Company.

     Engineer:  City Engineers Thomas Pihlfeldt, Donald Becker; architect Edward Bennett

     Construction costs were $2.5 million.

     Bridge was rehabbed in 1996 and 2017.

     In 2012, sidewalks were replaced with fiberglass material.


Adams Street Bridge

     Residents lobbied for years for a bridge at Adams Street.  Finally, the first bridge opened in 1869.  It was a swing wood and iron hand operated bridge. 

     Contractors were:

Designer: Fox and Howard

Construction:  Fox and Howard

     Construction costs were $36,800.  It was destroyed in the Chicago Fire October 8–10, 1871.

     The second Adams Street Bridge opened in 1872.  It was an iron swing hand operated bridge.  It was 160 feet long and 32 feet wide.  

     Contractors were:

Designer:     Keystone Bridge Company

Construction:  Let some Bridge Company

     Construction costs were $47,790.

     Moved to Taylor Street in 1889.

     The third Adams Street Bridge opened in 1889.  It was a large steel Pratt truss swing bridge.  It was electric powered.    It was 259 feet long and 59 feet wide.  It was a four track bridge.  The bridge cost  of $141,115 was shared between the City of Chicago and the Chicago Passenger Railway Company (ran street cars over the bridge).

     Contractors were:

Design:          Keystone Bridge Company

Superstructure Contractor:     Keystone Bridge Company

Substructure Contractors:   Fox and Howard

     Construction was were $141,115.   Bridge closed on August 31, 1925.  Physically removed between September,1925 and June, 1926.

3rd Adams Street Bridge internet photo





Adams Street Bridge


Adams Street Bridge


Adams Street Bridge


Adams Street Bridge


Bridge Under Surface


Adams Street Bridge

     Bridge Inspection 10/2011

Deck                         Condition                  Rating                 Fair     5 out of 9

Superstructure     Condition                  Rating                Poor   4 out of 9

Substructure        Condition                  Rating                  Fair   5 out of 9

Appraisal:  Structurally deficient

Adams Street Bridge

Bridge Tender House Adams Street


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