Jackson Boulevard Bridge

      Revised and updated 1/18/2018


Jackson Boulevard Bridge


Jackson  Boulevard Bridge

     The current Jackson Boulevard Bridge (375West; 300 South)  crosses east to west the South Branch of the Chicago River 2.2 miles from the river mouth. It is the second bridge at this site .  It is also known as the U.S. 66 bridge.  It opened on January 29, 1916.     It was rehabbed in 1993.

    The bridge type is metal rivet-connected Pratt Deck Truss (roadbed rests on top of the truss), movable double leaf bascule (Strauss trunnion) and approach spans : metal stringer (multi-beam), fixed.  There is one main span and three approach spans.   The main span measures 202 feet.  Structure length is 273 feet.  Roadway width measures 37 feet.


Jackson Bridge Plaque

     At each side  of the bridge are bridge tender houses.  Style is Beaux Arts.  Shape of the houses is octagonal.  External veneer is pebble aggregate.


Jackson Boulevard Bridge Plaque


     Superstructure   Strobel Steel Construction Company of Chicago

     Substructure       Great Lakes Dredge and Dock Company

     Engineer/Design. Strauss Bascule Bridge Company of Chicago

     Cost unknown.


Jackson Boulevard Bridge


First Jackson Boulevard Bridge Internet photo

     The first Jackson Boulevard Bridge opened on August 25, 1888. It was a 3 Pratt truss steel swing bridge. It was initially steam powered. It was 280 feet long and 58 feet wide.   It’s center pier was near the West bank.  In 1897, the bridge was converted to electric power.  In 1899, the deck was replanked and repaved.  The iron work below the bridge deck was repainted.  The entire structure was overhauled.  In 1906, the deck was replanked and repaved.  New side walks were built.

     Contractors were:

     Designer:     Unknown

     Superstructure Contractor:     Detroit Bridge Company

     Substructure Contractor:         FitzSimons and Connell Company

     Construction costs were $131,633.

     The bridge was removed In 1915.


Jackson Boulevard Bridge

Inspection 11/2010

Deck                          Condition.                  Rating.        Good.   7 out of 9

Superstructure       Condition.                  Rating.        Fair.      5 out of 9

Substructure           Condition.                  Rating.        Fair.       5 out 9

Appraisal functionally obsolete


Jackson Boulevard Bridge


Under Surface Jackson Boulevard Bridge


Jackson Boulevard Bridge



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