Monroe Street Bridge


Monroe Street Bridge

   Revised and expanded on 1/17/2018

    The current Monroe Street Bridge (378 West; 50 South) is the first and only one over the South Branch of the Chicago River.  It crosses the South Branch east to west 2 miles from the river mouth.   It opened on February 22, 1919..  The bridge type is a metal rivet-connected Pratt Pony Truss, movable; double leaf bascule (fixed trunnion) and approach spans;metal stringer (multi-beam) fixed.    There is one main span and 3 approach spans.  At one time, there were ornamental pillars at each end of the bridge.  Also, at one time, there were arched overhead beams.  These were for support for the street car cables.  Neither one of these is currently present.  The bridge tender houses are granite faced octagonal structures.

     The main span measures 193 feet.  Overall structure length is 271 feet.  Roadway width measures 36 feet.


Monroe Street Bridge

     Contractors were:

     Design:     City Bureau of Engineering; architect Edward Bennett

     Superstructure  Ketler and Elliott.

     Substructure. Fitzsimons and Connell Dredge and Dock Company

Construction costs were: $525,447.


Monroe Street Bridge

     Inspection 12/2010

Deck                                       Condition    Rating   Very Good  8 out of 9

Superstructure                    Condition    Rating     Good   7 out of 9

Substructure                         Condition.  Rating.   Good   7 out of 9

Appraisal. Functionally Obsolete


Monroe Street Bridge


Bridge Tender House Monroe Street Bridge


Monroe Street Bridge


Monroe Street Bridge


Monroe Street Bridge Under Surface

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