Mistakes Made During the Canal Construction and Its Life

This is meant to be an opinion piece. The thoughts are mine. Their basis is my research of the Illinois Michigan Canal.
The canal prospect was chronically under-funded. This resulted in many aborted efforts from the beginning. It probably would have be prudent to have arranged for adequate funding from the onset. Instead, funding was inadequate. After the construction began, the project
ran out of money. The was due to multiple factories. One leading factor was the over extension of the day state of Illinois on public works project.
The canal was never built as originally planned.
Originally, the eastern most portion (Summit Division) was meant to be built with a deep cut. The reason for this was that water would flow from Lake Michigan, the Chicago River into the I and M Canal. This would provide a ready supply of water the canal.
During construction, when the project ran out of money, alternative proposals were made. The deep cut became the shallow cut. A lock was placed at the junction of the canal and the Chicago River. Water pumps transferred water from the Chicago River to the canal. Multiple feeder canals were built to provide an adequate water supply to the canal. These were not completely successful in this goal. The Calumet feeder had a poor record in this regard. The other feeder canals were not well maintained. On occasion, the I and M canal had a shortened season due to the low water level.

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