Canal Trip April, 2016

First stop was in Ottawa at the site of the intersection of the former lateral canal with the Illinois Michigan Canal.  At this site, there is a shelter built by the CCC during the depression.  Considering its age, it is in fairly good condition.


CCC Shelter near lateral canal Ottawa


CCC shelter in Ottawa near the lateral canal


CCC Shelter in Ottawa near the site of the lateral canal


Tow path bridge abutments lateral canal

     The only evidence of the lateral canal is a set of masonry abutments.  These were for a towpath bridge over the lateral canal.  The canal site is now Canal Street.


Canal Street

     Next I visited the site of the Reddick Mansion in Ottawa


Roddick Mansion, Ottawa

Next a short trip to Seneca, Il.  We took pictures of the old Rock Island railroad station.  This is in the process of being renovated.  We noted progress in this project from last year.  Across the street, there appears to be an abandoned tavern building


Rock Island Terminal. Seneca, Il


Rock Island Terminal. Seneca, Up.

Abandons Tavern Building Seneca



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