Rose Theater Building

 Rose Theater Building

     The Rose Theater Building is located at 235 Taylor Street, Port Townsend, Washington.  The Haller Theater was built on a lot owned by Eisenbeis Estate Company in 1907.   In the following year, the Rose Theater (which started as a vaudeville house) moved into the Haller Site.

     Over the following years,the Rose was managed by  stream of multiple owners.  It closed in 1959.

     During the following years, tenants in the Rose Building included a bakery, sporting goods store, and a bargain store.

Rose Theater Building

     In 1992, two businesses partners (Phillip Johnson and Rocky Friedman with Barbara Marseille interior designer and a historic preservation advocate) attempted to renovate the building to its original 20th century atmosphere.

Rose Theater Building

     The Rose is currently home to world famous popcorn and the hub of the yearly Port Townsend film festival.

   The original theater was a 158 seat auditorium.  A second smaller theater was added the Rosebud.  A third event space and theater was set up on the third floor of the building at 237 Taylor.  This was called the Starlight.

     In 2022, Rocky Friedman announced that the  Rose Theater, the Rosebud and the Starlight. were for sale

N.D.Hill Brick Building aka Monarch Hotel formerly Waterstreet Hotel, Port Townsend, Washington

Water Street Hotel

     The N.D. Hill Brick Building was located at 635 Water Street, Port Townsend, Washington.  It was built in 1889. It replaced a pharmacy at the site.

        The building cost was $25,000.   The architect was Elmer Fisher.  Woodwork was by Cummings and Saunders. Brick and Stone Work was by Davis and Wakeman.  The building style is Italianate.

     In 1928, the building was purchased by the Benson Family.  They renovated the structure to create the DeVillo Hotel Rooms rented for .75 to 1.25/per night.

     From 1929 to 2001, a tavern occupied the corner front space.  The first was the IT Tavern.  Following this was the Town Tavern.  This was the most well known and long running. It operated until 2001.

     In the early years, the top floors functioned as a hotel and long term apartments.

   Over the years, the following hotels occupied the second and third floors Waterstreet Hotel and Monarch Hotel.

    Both the Salad Cafe and Silverwater Restaurant began in the back of the building.

   Maxwell Brewery and Pub occupied the building in the mid 2000’s

     Over the years the building had multiple renovations to keep the building near its original state.

First American National Bank

First American National Bank

     The former First American National Bank Building is located at 224 Taylor Street, Port Townsend, Washington. In 1929, John Siebenbaum contracted for this structure to be built on the former site of 3 small store fronts.  The builder was P.H. Peterson.  Architect was Vas S. Stimson.  The building style is art deco. Currently, it the only building with the style in downtown Port Townsend.  The bank operated from 1929–1974.

First American National Bank

    In 1974, Attorney Harry Holloway bought the building and completely renovated it.  He divided into 2 work spaces one for his law office and the second for  a Jewelry store Bobs,Coles and J. D. Jewelry.  In 1998-1999, he completely renovated the exterior.

    In 1999, the Holloway Law Office and a health food store were the two building occupants.

     In 2002, Dan Veenstra purchased the former bank building.  He renovated it for an Italian restaurant and office space.

     In 2007, Whimper Sound Music moved into one of the store fronts.

Mount Baker Block Building Port Townsend Waters and Taylor Street

Mount Baker Block Building Port Townsend


     The Mount Baker Block is a Romanesque style 4 story brick and stone business building.  It was built in 1889 for Charles Eisenbeis.  The architects were Whiteway and Schroeder.  Costs were $88,000. The top two floors were not originally finished.  There were multiple underground rooms which connected to three tunnels.

Mount Baker Block Building

     There were eight store fronts on the ground floor and 69 offices.
     In the early 1970’s, the building was purchased by real estate developer Sam Kyle.  In 1998, he completed renovation of the third floor.  Later the 4th floor was finished and developed into Class a office space.  The building is now home for artists, entrepreneurs, non for profits and shops.