¬†Franklin Hardware, Fort Myers

Franklin Hardware

This business was located at the corner of First Street and Broadway.

Franklin Hardware

In the 1900’s, W.P. Franklin was a traveling hardware salesman in Florida. In 1904, he visited Fort Myers. He returned in 1913 and took over a hardware store at First and Hendry. It was called Franklin Hardware Company.

In 1937, he built a new store at Broadway and First Street. The building has an unique art deco style. There was Carrera Glass on the front facade. This was a hardware store until the 1960’s.

After the store closed, it was taken over by the Saint Vincent DePaul Thrift Store.

Currently, this now is an elegant two story shopping emporium. It features a mix of jewelry, fashion, art work, finishing accessories, and beauty gifts.

Lee County Bank and Trust Building

Lee County Bank Bank and Trust Building

James Hendry was responsible for construction of the building at 2229 Main Street, Fort Myers. He maintained a general store here beginning in 1911.

Beginning in 1927, the Lee County Bank and Trust occupied this building. They made modifications including stuccuoing over the outside walls and adding a pair of Doric Columns at the corner entrance. This gave the building a Neoclassical look.

The bank failed during the Depression. It was reorganized as the Lee County Bank. It remained in business until 1965.

The building is now used by Main Street Antiques and Collectibles.

Lee County Bank and Trust Building

Lee County Bank and Trust Company