Randolph Theater Chicago


Randolph Theater, Chicago.   Internet photo

     The Randolph Theater was located at 14-16 West Randolph Street.  It was located next to the Colonial Theater until 1925 and then the Oriental Theater.  It opened in December, 1918.

     The architect was Henry Newhouse.  It was built as a movie venue.  It had one screen.  Its seating capacity was 845.  It had an organist.

     Initially, it was associated with with the Jones, Linick and Schaefer Circuit.  It featured second run features. From 1927 to 1928, it was fun by the Universal Picture Chain.  It closed in 1933.  

     The theater was replaced by the German restaurant known as Eitel Old Heidelburg Inn.  This was replaced by Ronny’s Steakhouse.  The building was demolished in the late 1990’s.

     The site was replaced  with the Nobel Fool Theater.   This was a live theater company.  The facade of the building was that of Eitel’s Old Heidelburg Inn.  The theater closed in 2004.  Argo Tea moved into the site.

Pastime Theater, Chicago

This small theater was located at 66 W. Madison Street.  It opened in 1908.  It was located near the intersection of W. Madison and N. Clark Streets.  It operated both as a movie and vaudeville theater.  It had one screen.  It’s capacity was 460 seats.


Pastime Theater Chicago

At one time, the management hired a group of Afro-American musicians to play jazz in the lobby for its patrons.

     The theater closed in the 1940’s.  It was demolished.  The First National Plaza is located at the former site of the theater.

Rose Theater, Chicago

This Theater was located 63 W. Madison Street.  There was one screen.  The capacity was 300 seats.  It was one of the many theaters near the intersection of N. Clark Street and Madison Street. It opened in 1910.  It was owned by Harry C. Moir.  He also owned the Morrison Hotel, Boston Theater, and the Alcazar Theater.  In the late 1920’s, it was demolished to expand the Morrison Hotel.


Rose Theater Chicago  Internet Photo


Alcazar Theater, Chicago

Alcazar Theater Internet Photo


     The Alcazar Theater was located at 69 W. Madison Street, Chicago. It opened in 1907.  It was one of the older loop theaters.  Construction costs were $20,000. It had one screen.  Its seating capacity was 300.  It was one of the first.loop theaters to install a pipe organ.

     It was located in Chicago first theater row at the intersection of W.Madison and N. Clark Streets.  Located nearby were the Boston and Rose Theaters.  All three theaters were owned by Harry C.Moir.  He also owned the Morrison Hotel.

     In the late 192o’s  and early 1930’s, the Alcazar operated as a 24 hour venue.  It closed in the mid 1930’s.  The Morrison Hotel, the Acazar Theater along with other structures on the block were razed in 1965 to build the First National Bank and Plaza.


Boston Theater Chicago


Boston Theater Chicago

     The Boston Theater was located at 79 West Madison Street.  It opened in 1908.  It was owned Harry Moir. It had one screen.  Its seating capacity was 296. 

    It was demolished in 1925 along with the Rose and Alcazar Theaters to make way for expansion of the Morrison Theater.