Bartlett Stone Building 829–831 Water Street, Port Townsend, Washington

    The CC Bartlett Stone Building is located at 829–831 Water Street, Port Townsend Washington. It was constructed in 1881. The architect, engineer, builder was Charles Bartlett. He constructed the building to house his general merchandise store. Construction costs were $50,000. The building style was federal.  Building was 2 stories. The walls were made of sandstone.

CC Bartlett Building

     Over the years, tenants included attorneys, dentists, mens clothing, grocery store, bowling alley, drug store, shoe store.   More recent tenants include Sirens Pub, Tickled Pink Boutique, and William James Books.

C C Bartlett Building

Quarryman Hall

Quarryman Hall Roche Harbor

     The Quarryman Hall is the newest Roche Harbor deluxe offering.  It is in the center of the village next to the Hotel de Haro.

     This is a boutique type hotel.  It offers contemporary amenities with the ambience of the turn of the century.

Hotel De Haro, Roche Harbor

Hotel De Haro

Signage Hotel De Haro

Hotel De Haro

     This hotel was named after Spanish explorer Captain Lopez De Haro who discovered and named the San Juan Islands in 1787. The Hudson Bay Company built a log structure on the site between 1845-1850.

     John McMillin built the Hotel around the original log structure in 1886.  The building foundation was logs, roof concrete.  Originally on the ground floor was the dining room and kitchen.  There were 20 rooms.

     Theodore Roosevelt visited the Hotel in 1906.  Roche Harbor was a full blown company town in the 1890’s.  

     By 1942, the Hotel had closed.  In 1956, McMillin son Paul sold the entire the Tarte family. The hotel was extensively renovated and was renovated in 1960.

Olympic Hotel Poulsbro, Washington

History of Olympic Hotel Poulsbro, Washington

     The Olympic Hotel was built in 1890 by Captain John Mansen.  It was the first hotel in Poulsbro.  In 1901, the Olympic was purchased by Andrew and Louise Johnson Young.  They remodeled the building and added a large north addition known as the annex. The Hotel had easy access to the steamboat dock.  The building burned down in 1914.

     Well known Mason Peter Fedt rebuilt the Olympic with foot thick cement.  The grand opening was April 1916.  The building operated as a hotel until the 1970’s.

Buck Building 105 Spring Street Friday Harbor, Washington

Buck Building Plaque

     The Buck Building is located at 105 Spring Street Friday Harbor, Washington.  It is a two story brick building constructed in 1906.  It is 4,303 square feet.

      The building originally was used for the law offices of Sam R. Buck.  From 1907 to 1980, it was used by the San Juan County Bank.  In 1989, it.was purchased by Sam and Barbara Bank.

Buck Building

Buck Building