First American National Bank

First American National Bank

     The former First American National Bank Building is located at 224 Taylor Street, Port Townsend, Washington. In 1929, John Siebenbaum contracted for this structure to be built on the former site of 3 small store fronts.  The builder was P.H. Peterson.  Architect was Vas S. Stimson.  The building style is art deco. Currently, it the only building with the style in downtown Port Townsend.  The bank operated from 1929–1974.

First American National Bank

    In 1974, Attorney Harry Holloway bought the building and completely renovated it.  He divided into 2 work spaces one for his law office and the second for  a Jewelry store Bobs,Coles and J. D. Jewelry.  In 1998-1999, he completely renovated the exterior.

    In 1999, the Holloway Law Office and a health food store were the two building occupants.

     In 2002, Dan Veenstra purchased the former bank building.  He renovated it for an Italian restaurant and office space.

     In 2007, Whimper Sound Music moved into one of the store fronts.

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