Kuhn Building Port Townsend, Washington

Kuhn Building Port Townsend

     This building is located at 210 Polk Street, Port Townsend, Washington. The building was contracted by Joseph Kuhn in 1892.  The Contractor was Joseph Guise. Bricks for the four story structure came from the brickyards of Eisenbeis and Tucker.  The project was halted in 893.

     Tenants in the building included automobile dealer (Whippet Chrysler), tire stores, and a bowling alley.

Kuhn Building Port Townsend

     In 11928, a  consortium announced plans to spend $250,000 to convert the building into an apartment hotel.  Unfortunately, financial difficulties caused the project to be cancelled.

Same as above

     In the 1940’s, the two top floors were removed.  The bricks that were removed were barged out of Port Townsend Bay and thrown overboard.

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