Miller and Burkett Building

Miller and Burkett Building  

  This building is located at 237 Taylor Street, Port Townsend Washington.  It is a Romanesque Style brick and stone building. It is  4 stories.

     It was built in 1889.  The architects were Whiteway and Schroeder. Builders were B.S. Miller and Herbert Burkett. Building costs were $18,000.

Miller and Burkett Building

     Over the years, the building was occupied by many organizations and businesses. From 1889 to 1892, the Key City Club occupied a portion of the building. From 1892 to 1893, the Yacht Club had offices in the building. In 1894, the Union League Club occupied the building.  From 1900 to 1902, Otto A. Schanz Grocery occupied the ground floor. Fred W. Risen bought the Schwanz lease and continued to operate a grocery on the ground floor. In 1905, the Elks Lodge 317 bought the building and owned it until 1993. They had a ballroom and a lounge. In 1932, E.M. Marr Drug Store occupied a portion of the building.

     In 1995, Richard and Whitney Miller purchased the building from the Elks with David Hero and Allison Hero Powers.   They restored the building. In 2007, David Hero and Allison Hero Powers purchased the entire building. They are co-owner of the Silver Water Cafe, a restaurant that operates in the grounf floor of the building

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