Port of Port Townsend, Washington Union Wharf

Union Wharf Port Townsend

     1867 to 1890.   Union Wharf is located on Water Street Port Townsend.  It was built by Henry Tibbals, Sr.in 1867 for the first incorporated company in Washington Territory. It was a hub of activity in Port Townsend.  Sailor saloons and maritime businesses thrived on the dock and its environs.

Union Wharf

     1890 to 1929.  Union dock became more respectable.  Under Harry Tibbals, Jr. The dock facilities were expanded. The wharf became the commercial center of Port Townsend.

Same as above

    1929 to 1973.  The dock was sold Puget Sound Navigation Company.  It was torn down and rebuild to service the expanding auto ferry business.

     In 1933, Port Townsend was connected to Highway 101.  Black Ball line of ferries featured service to all major local ports.  In 1957, ferry service was moved to another dock. Freight operations decreased at the dock.

     1973 to 1981  Union Wharf Corporation bought the dock. The name was changed to Union Wharf.  The company started a fish processing business.

     There was a lack of proper maintenancurairal Resourcese for years.  The dock  was condemned.

    1980 to 1990.  The union wharf continued to deteriorate.   The ownership changed several times.  Finally, the Union Wharf was torned down.  It was rebuilt in 1996 to 1997 with a grant from the Department of Natural Resources.

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