ACL Railroad Depot.

Historic Plaque ACL Freight and Passenger Depot Bradenton.

Plaque of Current Business Using the Building

The ACL Bradenton, Florida Railroad Company Passenger and Freight Depot is located at 420 Manatee Ave West. It was built around 1925. It was a one story 9000 square feet building. Its style is is Mission/Spanish Colonial Style Revival. Construction costs were $80,000. It was a white stucco building trimmed in red brick . There is a red tile roof. Its era of significance was 1925 to 1952.

Rear of the Building. Note the old spelling of Bradentown

During the 1990’s, the building fell into disrepair. The roof collapsed and the building faced condemnation.

Front of the Building

Same as above

The building was purchased by Daniel Pope ,M.D. He renovated it restoring the white stucco trimmed in red brick. He restored the red tile roof. The building now operates as a medical building named the Eye Depot.

Side of the Building Adjacent to Railroad Track

Same as above

Other Side of the Building

Same as above


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