New Buffalo Railroad Museum

Signage New Buffalo Railroad MuseumH

     The New Buffalo Railroad Museum is located at 530 S. Whittaker in New Buffalo.  It is located on the grounds of what was the largest train yard in South West Michigan. This yard was built for the  Pete Marquette Railroad.  It was built in 1919-1920.   The yard was a large complex complete with a round house, water towers and 2 coaling towers.It was operated until 1947.  At this time the railroad was sold to the C& O Railroad.  

      The New Buffalo Railroad Museum was founded in 1989.  The Museum Building is a replica of the original Pere Marquette Railroad Station that stood at this site in the 1920’s. It was constructed from the original blueprints by Alvin R. Kissman, David Ohms, and George Slechta.

Replica Pere Marquette Railroad Station

     There are multiple exhibits in the museum.

    Outside the building there are multiple rail cars including: a Pullman Troops Sleeper Car, Chesapeake System Caboose and multiple box cars.

Same as above

Replica Pere Marquette Railroad Station

Same as above

Replica Pete Marquette Railroad Station

Same as above

Pullman Troop Sleeper

C & O Caboose

Railroad Car

Same as above

Railroad Cars

New Buffalo Roundhouse

     Adjacent to the Railroad Museum is the deserted roundhouse from the railroad yard.

New Buffalo Roundhouse

Coal Tower

     This picture is a coal tower from the New Buffalo Railroad Yard.

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