Old Michigan Central Station.  100 Washington Street, Michigan City Indiana.

Michigan City Railroad Station  Note the Sign for Acadia Restaurant

    I happened upon this building by chance when I was visiting the Old Michigan City Lighthouse.  It is a one story brick New York Central Craftsmen Style Building at 100  Washington Street.   It was built for the Michigan Central Rairoad in 1905. I do not know when it ceased being used as a train station.  

     Apparently over the years, it was used by multiple restaurants.  Some of these were Swingbellys, 100 Washington and Arcadia.  Currently, it appears vacant. There appears to be a homeless encampment adjacent to the building.

Same as above

     There is a concrete platform and three sided shelter adjacent to the railroad tracks in this area.  For forty years, these were used by Amtrak.  This service was discontinued in 2022.

Old Michigan Central Railroad Station Michigan City Indiana

Same as above

Old Michigan Central Railroad Station

Same as above

Old Michigan Central Railroad Station

The old Railroad Station is on the Left; the Concrete Platform and 3 Sided Shelter used by Amtrak is on the Right

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