Isaac H. Trabue, Founder of Town of Trabue, Florida (later to become Punta Gorda)

Historical Plaque

    Isaac H. Teague was born in 1829. During his life, he was a lawyer, a coal mine operator, a Union soldier (civil War) and a land developer. He married Virginia Scarborough Taylor of Savannah, Georgia.

     Isaac purchased land south of Charlotte Bay in 1883.  This land was registered as the town of Teague

     Isaac and Virginia moved to Florida in 1886 and lived in a cabin on the Peace River.  Isaac succeeded in convincing the Florida Southern Railroad to extend their line Trabue.

     Isaac’s life in Teague had its ups an downs. He was involved with a major dispute resulting  in the incorporation of Teague with the new name of Punta Gorda.  He lead the life of a practising attorney and a community leader.

     He departed Punta Gorda in 1907.

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