Ponce De Leon Hotel, Saint Augustine, Florida

Ponce De Leon Hotel Informational Plaque

     The Ponce De Leon Hotel is located at 74 King Street, Saint Augustine, Florida. It was built by Henry Flagler. He was a very wealthy man who made his fortune as a founding partner of Standard Oil.

     The Hotel was built on land which was formerly the site of an orange grove and a salt marsh. Flagler purchased the property from Doctor Andrew Anderson.

    Construction took place between 1885 and 1887. Architects were John Carrere and Thomas Hastings.  Interior design was headed by Louis Comfort Tiffany.  Furnishing were provided by Potter and Stymus.

     Hotel was constructed entirely of poured concrete.  Aggregate was coquina stone.  The Hotel was wired for electricity provided by a DC generator.  Building style was Spanish Renaissance. Total construction costs were 2.5 million.

P once De Leon Hotel

     During World War 2, the Ponce De Leon was taken over by the U.S. federal government and was used as a Coast Guard Training Center.  After the war, it was reactivated as a hotel. In 1967, it closed permanently.  In 1968, it become part of Flagler College.

Ponce De Leon Hotel

Same as above

     Beginning in 1976, Flagler College began a  extensive project to renovate the former hotel building.

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