Citrus Tower Clermont, Florida

Citrus Tower Clermont, Florida

     The Florida Citrus Tower is a 226 feet observation/radio broadcasting tower located in Clermont, Florida. This was the project of A.W. Thacker and  Jack O’Toole to showcase the the Lake County Citrus Industry.

     Construction on the tower began in 1955 and extended into 1956. 5 million pounds of concrete and 149,000 pounds were used in the construction. During its first several years of operation, the tower averaged 500,ooo visitors/ year.  Due to its central location and the nearby orange groves.

Citrus Tower Clermont Florida

Citrus Tower Clermont Florida

     In 1983, 1985, and 1989, there were harsh freezes which destroyed a significant portion of the citrus crop in Lake County.  In 1964, the Florida turnpike was extended north providing a faster route south through Central Florida.  Both of these ended in decreased visitors to the tower.

Same as above

     Over the years, the tower was sold many times. In 1988, a tram was built to offer visitors tours of various citrus crops.

View from the Citrus Tower Clermont, Florida

     In 1995 the tower was bought by Greg Homan.  He painted it white and turquoise.

View from Citrus Tower, Clermont, Fl

View from Citrus Tower Clermont, Fl

Same as above

View from Citrus Tower Clermont, Fl

Same as above

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