Lakeland, Florida Amtrak Railroad Station 

     The current railroad station is located at 600 E. Main Street, Lakeland, Fl. It was built in 1998. It was a replacement for the ACL Station built in 1960 which was 1.1 mile west of the current station.  That station became a Seaboard Coastline Railroad Station in 1967 when the Atlantic Coastline Railroad merged with Seaboard Airline Railroad.  That building was demolished in 2008.

Lakeland Florida Amtrak Station

    The current depot is owned by the city of Lakeland Florida. The building was constructed of concrete and stucco. Construction costs were 2 million dollars. It features arched windows, art deco lamps and high backed benches.

Signage Lakeland, Florida Amtrak Station

Lakeland Florida Amtrak Station

First Railroad Station Located in Lakeland, Florida


Undated Photo Lakeland Florida Railroad Station.


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