Brownville Florida.

Brownville, Florida is an unincorporated area. It is located in Desoto County. It is adjacent to Florida Route 17. It is approximately 6.1 miles north to northeast of the city of Arcadia. The area was originally named Haymanville for an early settler William Hayman. It was a fairly self contained community with a post office, general store, a sawmill, orange groves, cattle, service station, crop farms, and phosphate mining. It also featured church and its own school. A railroad line also ran through Brownville.

The school is a two story brick building. Date on the front of the building is 1922. Other sources state the building was built between 1922 and 1927. The architect was J.C. Harris. The school closed in 1947.

Front of Brownville School

Same as above Note the date 1922

Same as above

Since its closing it was used as a VFW Hall, a community Center, a federal food commodities distribution office, storm shelter, a polling place, A training center for handicapped adults.

Side Wall of the School

Other side wall of the School

In 2004, it was leased to the.Desoto County Historical Society.

Back wall of the school

Incidentally noted is an Emu in the adjacent acreage

Same as above

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