San Miguel Mission aka San Miguel Chapel is located at 401 Old Santa Fe Trail, Santa Fe, New Mexico

San Miguel Mission aka Sam Miguel Chapel

San Miguel Mission Santa Fe, New Mexico

Interior San Miguel Mission

     San Miguel is a Spanish Colonial mission church first built in 1610. The building was rebuilt once in the mid to late 17th century and again in 1710.

     It is constructed of adobe.  Style is  Romanesque fortress style with buttressed walls.  There is a singular rectangular nave.  There is a trapezoidal apse. The walls are 5 feet thick. The interior of the building is 24 feet by 70 feet. The height is 25 feet. The ceiling is supported by wooden vigas some of which are old and others newer.  The front faces west and has a small central bell tower. The building is supported by 5 stone buttresses added in 1887.

Wooden altar screen.

     The altar screen is wooden and dates to 1798.  It is thought to be the work of an artist known as Laguna Santero.  The screen is flanked by Solomonic Columns.

     There was a bell that hung in the tower prior to 1872.  It is on display on the inside of the building.  It was casted in 1856.

     This building is featured in the recent movie Holiday in Santa Fe

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