Saint Lucie County Courthouse Built in 1909

Picture Old Saint Lucie County Courthouse Built in 1909 photo Courtesy of Saint Lucie County Regional History Center

    The Saint Lucie County courthouse was located on south Second Street in Fort Pierce, Florida.  It was built in 1909. This is the site of the current courthouse.   The site on which the courthouse was located was donated by Fort Pierce. The old courthouse was a two story building measuring 60 x 90 feet.  It had a dome of 78 feet  There was a four faced clock in the dome and a 700 pound bell.  The outside walls were pressed red brick and black mortar.  The roof was slate and iron.

Postcard Saint Lucie County Courthouse   Note the 78 foot dome

     The first floor had multiple offices.  The second floor was dominated by  large court room.

Picture Old Saint Lucie County Courthouse  Note the 78 foot dome

     The building contractor was Mutual Construction Company of Louisville, Kentucky.   The architect was Mr. HI Kloop.  The cost of the building and furnishing was $40,000.  After storm damage in 1928, the dome was removed.

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