Saint Lucie County Regional History Center Located at 414 Seaway Dr, Fort Pierce, Florida under the Seaway Bridge.

Replica of FEC Railroad Station Fort Pierce, Florida

     The Saint Lucie County Regional History Center, aka Saint Lucie County Historical Museum opened in 1968.  It is located at 414 Sea way Drive, Fort Pierce, Florida. It overlooks the Indian River in Museum Park Point. Originally, it was under the control of the Saint Lucie County Historical Comision. Control was transferred in 1988 to Leisure Services/Parks and Recreation Department of Saint Lucie County.

Entrance to the facilities

     One of the museum buildings is built as a replica of the former FEC Fort Pierce Railroad Station.  The museum features artifacts,photos of the  Fort Pierce area from Indian tribes, early settlers and businesses.


The Gardner Home

Same as above

     The ground also contain the Gardner house built in 1907.  It was built for the Gardner family.   It was donated to the museum in 1985.  It was originally located at 327 Magnolia Avenue. Construction costs were $1200.

     The house had high ceilings and a crucified floor plan.  It was built by A. A. Register.

Side of the Gardner Home

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